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How to Place Dental Case Order
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How to Place Cases Order Online

Step1. Register
Open www.denttree.com  and then check the top side to find the " register".

Step2. Log in
If you are already one of our members, just click "Sign in" button on the top of our home page.

Step3. Pick out what you prefer
You can find your loving service on our website http://www.safetodoor.com/ easily or you can check "Live chat" or click "Contact us" to contact us to help you with your selection.

Step4. Add to cart
When you find the broker service you want to order, you just need to enter quantity and then click "Add to cart".

Sterp5. Confirm billing address and delivery address
There are summaries when you "Add to cart" to reconfirm all your order details, and then please confirm your address.

Step6. Choose delivery
You can choose  Air Express shipping  to ship your order according to your event date. Or our service can help you find the best shipping method for your selection.

Step7. Pay
You can pay by bank, wire transfer .

Step8. Check confirmation in registered e-mail box
When your order placed successfully, please check your registered email to find your "Order Confirmation" email from us within 24 hours. Or please directly email us about your order number/case scan files/instructions Rx files :Dentcases@hotmail.com. It is very important! This Email is more easy and fast to deal your cases order.

Step9. Get agreement on all details
All orders must be confirmed within 2 days after we get full payment of your order, otherwise, our system will change your order status automatically to be "making your order" without any return, exchange and refund under any conditions only for already paid orders. Please consider this carefully and if you have any questions, please contact us without hesitation.

Step10. Order Dealing Time
We will deal your order in 3-5days.We will be ready to ship.

Step11. Ship
We will ship your order within 5 working days after finishing your order to recheck  all your order details including order product name/quantity/shipping address and shipping methods strictly according to the confirmation email. Besides, our customer service will send you tracking number when we ship the goods for you. It will make it easy to track it online in person and will also change your order status to be "shipped".