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CAD Dental Design

Besides the main business of offering crown and bridge restorations, Denttree lab's CAD department also provides individual CAD design for dental professionals.

Our professional design team will help you to design optimal restorations, solving your problem with staff shortages or urgent time-limited orders.

Type: crowns / bridges / inlays / onlays / veneers / post & core / implant bridges & bars / coping & frameworks / customized abutments / telescopes / removables / dentures / orthodontics


- Standard: within 24 hours (3usd/file)
- Expedited: 3 hours (5usd/file)

dental CAD design

CAD Dental Design

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Our CAD Dental Design

Denttree Lab provide a various range of dental CAD design for your different dental restorations application. 

Dental CAD Crown Design Crown CAD Design
Dental CAD Digital Wax-Up Design Digital Wax-up CAD Design
Dental CAD Inlays and Onlays Design Inlays & Onlays CAD Design
Dental CAD Implant Abutment Design Implant Abutment CAD Design
Dental CAD Post and Core Design Post and Core CAD Design
Dental CAD Coping Design Coping CAD Design
Dental CAD Veneer Design Veneer CAD Design
Dental CAD Contour Design Tontour CAD Design
Dental CAD RPD Design RPD CAD Design