As a dentist, you know the challenges of cosmetic dentistry. It’s an art that requires attention to detail and an artistic eye to capture the perfect blend of form and function. It’s also a practice that can be unpredictable in its outcomes, because patients have different expectations than what is feasible with their current oral health.

That’s why we created Denttree: a cloud-based software that predicts the outcome of a cosmetic dentistry procedure before it’s even started. The software visually simulates the completed work on an image of the patient, so they can see what they will look like after the procedure. This helps increase case acceptance rates and patient satisfaction by setting clear expectations from day one.

It also reduces chair time by eliminating unnecessary appointments during the treatment process. Denttree also allows patients to visualize how their smile will look after treatment without having to commit to expensive procedures. In addition to its predictive capabilities, Denttree is also an all-in-one digital treatment plan management solution for your dental practice. You can manage your patient records and schedule appointments, track inventory and lab cases, assign tasks and collaborate with your team, and more!

This article serves as a guide for dentists who want to achieve predictably outstanding results with cosmetic dentistry. In this category, you'll learn how to:

Make every dental experience an enjoyable one for your patients

It's true—every smile is unique. So how do you, as a dentist, ensure that every treatment you provide will be just as exceptional and unique as your patient? Denttree's premium line of cosmetic dental products provides the perfect solution. Our line offers an array of products with a wide range of physical properties so you can design each treatment to fit your patient perfectly. As well as being incredibly durable, our dental prosthetics are incredibly lifelike, so you can know that every restoration will be indistinguishable from the original. Our top-of-the-line materials and highly skilled craftspeople mean that every piece we make is guaranteed to exceed the expectations of your patients, leaving them smiling long after they leave your office. When you offer your patients cosmetic dentistry, you're offering them more than just a new smile. You're also giving them a new lease on life. You can help them get back their confidence and restore the sense of vitality that they're missing. As a dental lab, we understand how frustrating it can be to promise patients a certain result only to end up disappointed. With Denttree you can rest easy knowing that when you send us a case, it's in good hands—and it'll be back in yours before you know it.

Increase your ability to diagnose and treat your patients with confidence and efficiency

Dentistry is more competitive than ever. As a dentist, you need to be able to diagnose and treat your patients with confidence and efficiency, while also providing results that will keep them coming back for more. That's why we have created the Denttree : to make sure that your dental lab gets the information it needs so you can provide your patients with the best treatment possible.

Denttree was created by dentists and dental technicians who understand the frustration of dealing with a poorly-informed lab. We wanted to create a tool that would help communicate all of the necessary information between you, your patient, and the laboratory, so that your treatment plan is executed exactly as desired. In addition to being able to save time by having all of your notes in one place, Denttree allows you to see exactly how patients perceive their treatment so that you can make adjustments or improvements if needed. You can also track trends in patient satisfaction over time, which will enable better planning for future treatments. Denttree is a great way for dentists and labs to collaborate on providing the best patient experience possible!

 Leave fewer crown margins or margins at the wrong depth

Crown margins are the best example of an area where the art and science of cosmetic dentistry meet. While there are some patients who are very forgiving, most of your patients will notice if you leave a crown margin at the wrong depth or if you leave a margin entirely. You want to avoid this at all costs. It's difficult to cut back on the number of steps in a dental procedure without compromising quality. But one of the best ways to streamline your processes, improve quality, and reduce costs is to choose a dental lab that has a crown margin depth guarantee.

Cosmetic dentistry is a thriving field, and for good reason—patients love the idea of taking control over the way their smile looks! The difference between merely fixing problems and creating a beautiful smile can be the difference between merely surviving in business and thriving… or even dominating your local market. But it's not easy to become proficient in the latest techniques. The learning curve is steep, and the speed at which new treatments are introduced to the market means that a clinician is constantly being asked to learn new materials, new procedures, and often new equipment.

If you're trying to do this all on your own, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information you're expected to master. Did you know that your lab technician can influence the success of your dental work? Many dentists don't realize that their choice of the lab has a huge impact on the outcome for their patients, and even some other labs don't realize how much they're leaving on the table. Denttree is the dental lab that can help you deliver predictably outstanding results. We believe that dental labs should be more like conductor-less orchestras, producing harmonious music without a leader.

We work closely with dentists to plan out each case, taking over all of the communication about what the patient needs, what materials are available for cases, and what options your patients have. Are you ready to leave fewer crown margins or margins at the wrong depth? Are you ready to stop spending time sitting down with your patient to explain their treatment options? We're ready to help.

Learn how to use CAD/CAM technology so that you can make more money doing less work

As a dentist, you're probably well aware of the advances made in technology within the last decade. While there was a time when the world of dentistry was very much in the dark ages, it has now become one of the most technologically advanced industries. But are you taking advantage of these advances? As a dental lab, we've certainly taken advantage of computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology. And every day, we see how it benefits our clients—and ultimately their patients—in two major ways:

First, CAD/CAM allows you to focus on what matters most: your patients. You don't have to worry about molds or impressions. You just take a scan and send it to us. In return, we'll send back a crown that fits perfectly every time. Second, we can use CAD/CAM technology to provide you with same-day restorations instead of having to wait weeks for them to be produced through more traditional methods. This can mean happier patients and increased revenue for your practice as well as our lab.

At Dentree, we work closely with dentists like you who want to make their practices the best they can be. With the use of a digital impression system, you can take your practice from antiquated manual impressions to a system that is more accurate, faster, and easier for both you and your patients, meaning that you'll make more money doing less work.

The use of a digital impression system will help you to more quickly and accurately identify issues in your patients' mouths so that you can begin work on their teeth much faster. This means reduced wait times for your patients, which is always a good thing! And you'll also be able to provide them with the most accurate impressions possible because your system will not be subject to the same errors that inevitably occur with manual methods.

You'll save money on materials since there's no need for impression paste or trays anymore—all of your scans are taken digitally! Plus, because digital impressions are so much easier to store and review than physical ones, you'll spend less time reviewing x-rays or taking new impressions when an issue arises (and it will).

We offer a variety of benefits to businesses of all stripes. Not only are we saving our clients – from start-ups to mid-sized businesses and national franchises – on their printing costs, but we're also lowering their overhead by eliminating waste. We print for the businesses with which we partner, so they can enjoy a high yield contributor to their bottom line as an added bonus. Get the Advanced technology, materials, and procedures to give your patients the right smile they will love. What makes it so revolutionary is that the longer procedure times are eliminated for a more accurate way of developing great-looking results in less time!